From the late 1860s right up to 1948, over 100,000 children of all ages were emigrated from Britain to right across Canada to be used as indentured farm workers and domestics. Believed by Canadians to be orphans, only two percent truly were. These children were sent to Canada by over 50 organizations including the well-known and still working charities: Barnardo's, The Salvation Army and Quarrier's, to name a few.

The British Home Children Registry was started by Perry Snow in 2000 in memory of his father BHC Frederick George Snow (1909 - 1994). In November 2013 Perry transferred his spreadsheet data of some 58,500 children to the BHCARA (Lori Oschefski) in order to carry on his work and make this information publicly available. Since 2013, BHCARA and its volunteers have added approximately another 2,200 BHCs to Perry's list. Norah Dennis had begun a similar project and in 2014 Norah also transferred her data on 21,400 BHCs to the BHCARA.

The aforementioned data was merged and reformatted, and is the foundation this BHCARA British Home Children Registry continues to be built upon.

Only surnames beginning with AA to FIN are presently online.

Work is ongoing daily to enter missing emigration information, and perform logic & error checks on, the remaining entries.
This work being done alphabetically and we plan to update this site at least weekly during the process.

Last Update: June 23, 2017 at 22:51 ET
Total in Registry to-date: 66,033

Search Presently includes: Surnames AA to FIN
Search Presently includes: 23,596 Children

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