British Home Child Information Sheet
BHC Registry ID #: 56999
Claimed: Yes (1)
Name & Birth
Surname: BUTCHERGiven Names: Randolph Arthur M
Born: 1896Gender:Male
Born at:Bedminster, Bristol, Somerset, England
Surname Adopted: A.K.A. Surnames:
Given Names Adopted: A.K.A. Given Names:
Died: 23 December 1906 Age at death: 10
Died at: Farley Avenue, York, Ontario, Canada
Cause: Pneumonia
Cemetery: Park Lawn Cemetery
Cemetery Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Cemetery Plot: Find-A-Grave ID: 140012956
Sending or Escorting Organization: Barnardo's
Canadian Distribution Home Name/Address: Toronto, Ontario
Age at Emigration: 10 Ship Sailed: Dominion
Departure Date: 03 August 1906 Port of Departure: Liverpool
Arrival Date: 11 August 1906 Port of Arrival: Quebec
UK Boys/Girls Home Name/Address:
UK Workhouse/Union Name/Address: Newport Union Workhouse
Start Date End Date Placed With / Indentured To Placement Location
Surname Given Name
Year Country Prov/State Address, City Head of Household Relationship to Head
Surname: Given Names:
Born: Born at:
Died: Died at:
Married: Married at:
Biological Parents
Biological Father
Surname: BUTCHER Given Names: George Arthur
Born: 1874Born at:Bristol, Somerset, England
Died: Died at:
Biological Mother
Surname: COUXE Given Names: Florence Ruby
Born: 1875Born at:Marseilles, France
Died: 1960Died at:Newport, Monmouthshire, Wales
Biological Parents' Marriage Details
Married: 1893Married at:Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
BHC ID Surname Given Names
BHC ID Surname Given Names
Military Service
Country Served: Service Number:
Regiment: Rank:
Attestation Date: Attested at:
Next of Kin: NoK Relationship:
Next of Kin Address:
Sources and Notes
Parents: George Arthur Butcher and Florence Ruby Cox, married 1893, Bristol, Somerset, England. Between 1902 and 1904, the family were moving in and out of the Newport (Monmouthshire) workhouse "transfered from Long ashton Union" and "sent to the Beeches." [Long Ashton union was a poor house in Bristol, formerly known as Bedminster Union.] There is also a mention of the children being "sent from the Beeches to Dr Banardo's, London, 20th October 1902," but a year later they are back in the Newport Union Workhouse. The last mention found of George Arthur Butcher is in the Newport Union workhouse books in 1904. In 1920, Florence Ruby Cox (Couxe) remarried George Pernarowski in Cardiff, Wales. Florence died in 1960 in Newport, Monmouthshire, Wales. In 1906, Randolph Butcher, 10, arrived at Quebec, Canada, in a group of 379 Barnardo children en route to Toronto, Ontario, Canada. On December 23, 1906, Randolph Butcher, 13, born in England, died at Farley Avenue, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, of Pneumonia and Rheumatism.