British Home Child Information Sheet
BHC Registry ID #: 56999Name & Birth
Surname: BUTCHERGiven Names: Randolph
Born: 1896Gender:Male
Born at:England
Surname Adopted: A.K.A. Surnames:
Given Names Adopted: A.K.A. Given Names:
Died: 23 December 1906 Age at death:
Died at: Farley Avenue, Toronto, York County, Ontario, Canada
Cause: Pneumonia, Rheumatism
Cemetery: Park Lawn Cemetery
Cemetery Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Cemetery Plot: Find-A-Grave ID: 106859804
Sending or Escorting Organization: Barnardo's
Canadian Distribution Home Name/Address: Toronto
Age at Emigration: 10 Ship Sailed: Dominion
Departure Date: 03 August 1906 Port of Departure: Liverpool
Arrival Date: 11 August 1906 Port of Arrival: Quebec
UK Boys/Girls Home Name/Address:
UK Workhouse/Union Name/Address:
Start Date End Date Placed With / Indentured To Placement Location
Surname Given Name
Year Country Prov/State Address, City Head of Household Relationship to Head
Surname: Given Names:
Born: Born at:
Died: Died at:
Married: Married at:
Biological Parents
Biological Father
Surname: BUTCHER Given Names:
Born: Born at:
Died: Died at:
Biological Mother
Surname: COX Given Names:
Born: Born at:
Died: Died at:
Biological Parents' Marriage Details
Married: Married at:
BHC ID Surname Given Names
BHC ID Surname Given Names
Military Service
Country Served: Service Number:
Regiment: Rank:
Attestation Date: Attested at:
Next of Kin: NoK Relationship:
Next of Kin Address:
Sources and Notes
In LAC BHC Index (travel) as Randolph BUTCHER, age 10

Ontario Death Registration: Randolph A BUTCHER - Age: 13 [sic] - Birth Place: England - Death Date: 23 December 1906 - Death Place: Farley Avenue, Toronto, York County, Ontario, Canada - Cause of Death: Pneumonia, Rheumatism

NOTE: Duplicate (previous) Find a Grave Memorial ID: 106859804

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